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Web scraping tools are a major addition to the world of software development. This is considered to be an important method of extracting when it comes to website information. So, if you are a data analyst or data science professional looking for a tool that can help you collect data from the internet, there are many tools that you can choose from.

To help you understand the basics, here are the major web scraping tools available online.


This is an API that handles proxy management and headless braces. ScrapingB Web scraping is used to run JavaScript on pages to rotate the proxy and retrieve the raw HTML page. In addition, it eliminates the possibility of blocking and fits well with Google search scraping tools and Amazon scraping.

Three explicit approaches to utilize ScrapingBee

How our clients utilize our API.

 A. General web scraping

ScrapingBy works well for general web scraping applications such as real estate scraping, price monitoring, and seamless reviews.

 B. Search Engine Result Page

For SEO, keyword monitoring or backlink testing. It is very painful to remove search engine results pages due to rate limitations. Because of our large proxy pool, it’s simpler than at any other time.

 C. Growth Hacking

Lead generation, cracking contact information, or social media. You can also use ScrapingBy directly from your lead list on Google Sheets.


  1. Supports JavaScript rendering
  2. It provides automatic proxy rotation.
  3. You can use this application directly on Google Sheets.
  4. The application can be used with a Chrome Web browser.
  5. Great for scratching the Amazon
  6. Support Google search scraping
  7. Luminati

As many people may have heard of this tool, Luminati is considered to be the next-gen data collector that is ideal for a website. It offers a customized and personalized flow of data for a single dashboard. It’s a tool that fits perfectly with social networking and ecommerce trends to gather data for market research, competitive intelligence and data sets. As a result, the business owner can offer the best solution to the customer.


  1. No need for a basic framework to collect complex data
  2. You have complete control over the data collection process
  3. Get reliable data in a few minutes
  4. Data collection is responsible for dynamic and end-to-end changes to the target site that set high success rates

Apify SDK

This is a great web scraping and crawling tool used for JavaScript. This tool allows developers to easily extract, develop, and automate the web with puppeteer, and Headless Chrome.

Apify SDK is a versatile web slithering and scratching library for JavaScript.It allows development and data activation and web automation with headless Chrome and Puppet.


  1. Automates any web workflow
  2. Allows easy and fast web crawling
  3. Works locally and in the cloud
  4. Runs on JavaScript
  5. ScrapingBot

The user-friendly and easy-to-understand Web Stall works well with a detailed guide that gives the user an overview. This tool has a ready-made and application programming interface for websites. It works perfectly with business data sources and is versatile with data.

Scraping – BotIo is an efficient tool for scraping data from a URL. It provides API tailored APIs tailored to your scraping needs: a generic API for retrieving the raw HTML of a page, an API specializing in scraping retail websites, and an API for eliminating property listings from real estate websites.


  1. JS Presentation (Headless Chrome)
  2. High quality proxies
  3. Full page HTML
  4. For 20 contemporary requests
  5. Geotraging
  6. Allows large bulk scraping requirements
  7. Free monthly usage monthly plan
  8. Dexi.io

Dexi is a comprehensive web scraping tool that offers users real-time data compilation compiled with a simple interface. The tool includes a digital capture robot, an in-built machine learning technology that makes it easy for users to extract data accurately. This scraping tool works best for image data correction and text based cloud solutions that make it easy to export data to Amazon S3, Google Sheets, etc.

Dexi Intelligent is a web scraping tool that allows you to instantly convert unlimited web data into business value. This web scraping tool enables you to reduce costs and save your organization valuable time.

The core

At the heart of Dexie’s Digital Commerce Intelligence Suite is an advanced ETL engine that manages and optimizes your solution. Set-up allows you to define and build processes and rules within the platform that, based on your data needs, instruct ‘super’ robots on how they are connected together and other extractor robots. Will control to retrieve data from controlled external data sources.

Rules for changing the extracted data (such as removing duplicates) can also be defined for creating the required, unified output files. State where the data is pushed within the platform and who has access rights; Whether it’s Azure, Hannah, Google Drive, Amazon S3, Twitter, Google Sheets, Visual Tools or other environments.

The intelligence

Around the core engine, Dexi has built intelligence layers that enhance its data capture capabilities, increase its level of automation and increase the breadth of usability. These include the ability to interact with websites; Input defined values   to create different search scenarios and capture the resulting different outputs- Without all human intervention! Advanced mapping by our product manager feature that minimizes effort to categorize data and maximizes automation and enables robots to ‘learn’ each time new or unexpected data arrives;

And overcoming obstacles and techniques imposed by certain websites, such as the ability to resolve your captchas automatically.

In addition, a whole host of other features along with customers enhance the overall solution intelligence, including; Product compliance, smart data feeds, ‘buy now’ product selection – which combines your slips with your brand, competitive intelligence, price alerts and AI.

The result

Today, Dexie offers a powerful combination of a core data engine and a number of features that work with hundreds of major retailers, businesses and brands around the world. Our roots are at the forefront of cutting-edge technological advances and cutting down on Dexie’s digital data capture technology – and on top of that, we’ve incorporated these key capabilities over the past 5 years.

Today, Dexie offers a complete business intelligence solution equipped with features and services that enable businesses to quickly capture, structure and enhance up-to-the-minute web data and increase its usage in the database, providing instant business insights. Or allows direct use. Digital Marketplace Smart Feed for Business


  1. Increase efficiency, accuracy and quality
  2. The ultimate scale and speed for data intelligence
  3. Fast, efficient data correction

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